Deze seksheks tovert u een orgasme (foto’s)


De Nieuw-Zeelandse Shaney Marie is een seksheks en door middel van toverspreuken wil ze uw seksleven  een magische boost geven.

Shaney heeft als voormalig exotische danseres de nodige ervaring opgedaan. Ze zegt nu te weten hoe ze met haar klanten een diepere seksuele connectie kan krijgen. Met behulp van hekserij kan ze koppels en vrijgezellen magische seks laten beleven.

Aan het Brits dagblad DailyMail geeft ze meer uitleg over haar gave. Zo vertelt ze dat eeuwen geleden mannen naar tempels moesten gaan  om advies en heling van erotische dansers te krijgen. Tegenwoordig vervangen stripclubs deze tempels, maar deze moderne tempels zijn niet langer een plek van liefde.

Met spiritualiteit, seksuele hekserij, laat ze haar klanten erotiek herontdekken. Volgens de seksheks kan bidden bij liefdesaltaren, het gebruiken van kristallen en attributen het seksueel genot een stevige boost geven.

Momenteel is ze in  Europa om hier haar magie te verspreiden. U kan niet wachten? Dan kan altijd nog een Skype-consult overwegen.

Sex witch is now in Amsterdam. It feels amazing to be bringing our beloved project to europe! The place of our ancestors. We love this work because it is about accessing the beautiful and magical ways in which sexuality is more than just sex…we believe sex is magic, it is a playground of expression and creativity. The best sex goes way beyond the physical and way beyond pleasure. There is another door that can open offering other worlds of experience beyond the mundane, beyond the mind that transcend what we think to know and understand…sex and life are limitless…sex witch helps to open the door to remind you of this truth. Tomorrow we offer a taster version of the work to the lovely people of the Netherlands! Next weekend we are in london offering a full 2.5 day event…then our last event is in Berlin on the 23th-24th. We are making plans to get on our broom sticks and bring it to the states next year! Go to our website to read more…. @the_sexwitch

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In recovery mode after holding the 5 day awakening men training for women. I witnessed a group of women totally transform some of the deepest parts of themselves in the most beautiful, courageous and honest ways…i would even argue that what we explored is possibly the deepest wound of women individually and collectively. The blind spots we as women have in relation to men is so sneaky and messed up. The wounds are deep, the blame is detrimental, the pain so unbearable its frozen and leaking toxicity, and im afraid that so many women will go through their lives never fully seeing men as they are but rather with a projection of who they think they are while turning their sons into those very things they so deeply despise, simply from not understanding. I feel like what we just did has rewired my dna. It has cleared out the patterns passed down to me from my ancestors and infused into me by this culture. I feel so clear, light and awakened to the truth…there is no distortion in the way i see men…i feel pure. I am so grateful to Alejandra Nicolazzo for coming with me on this journey and being so committed to this vision. When i got sick she took the reigns and owned it, i felt so safe and supported to be in whatever state i was in knowing she was there, her resilience is awe inspiring, her wisdom is deeply embodied from real life experiences, she is seriously an authority on these topics and i feel blessed to have such an incredible women working with me on this project that i have no doubt in my mind and body is going to make huge waves of change. #awakeningmen #men #tantra #women #sacred #magic

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Yesterday we held our only sex witch one day workshop in Melbourne for the year. A sold out event…it was AMAZING! As we were driving both winter icely and i were saying "how the hell has this happened"…it seriously feels like this offering/project is on some sort of superfood supplement…we do one workshop and it feels like ten steps foward. The unique magic of sex witch is so cool! It is a rare offering, neither of us with all winters years and experience in the realm of traditional witch craft and with mine in tantra and sacred sex, have we never come across anything like what we are offering under sex witch! We have just started to put a plan together for an online membership to receive continuous inspiration, spells, sex magic rituals, erotica and so much more….we will release it next year! September we have workshops in london, berlin and amsterdam. Next year we want to come to America! Our only other Australian event is in byron bay in June, email me for more info. This image is from yesterdays alter. We are so grateful to call this our work x @the_sexwitch

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HELLO EVERYONE…I HAVE BEEN ASKED A FEW TIMES ABOUT MY UP COMING EVENTS SO HERE IS THE FORECAST FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2017!!! After having taken some time out of running so many events this year and reconnecting in with my 1.1 session offerings (skype and in person) I am now about to plunge into a few months of epic events again! I am both nervous and excited, events are a big deal, they are a lot of energy to not only put on but to facilitate. It is incredibly rewarding work and i am so excited to immerse myself into it all again as a facilitator and have so much support building around me that im able to step back from some of the the logistical/prep aspects. SEX WITCH (for everyone) Winter Jade Icely and i are taking sex witch OS…we will be holding 3 different offerings with the help of some amazingly fabulous workshop producers over there (thanks guys). We will also be going on a special witches adventure to Glastonbury which i am SO EXCITED ABOUT Our offerings are in…. AMSTERDAM LONDON BERLIN Find out more here THE DEVOTIONAL WOMAN (for women) IRELAND SEP-OCT I am so excited to be sharing this work on the land of my grandfather. i feel deeply called to Ireland and as though this will be the beginning of many visits. Check it out here and tell your Irish friends! 🙂 MELBOURNE NOV I am holding this beautiful 2 and a half day journey for women to go deep into the magic of the female body….mmmm so much magic is held in there! Join us…/the-devotional-woman-weekend-…/ DANCING EROS (for women) I am co facilitating the Dancing Eros retreat with Vanessa Florence in November. This one is sold out but next years one will have some spaces, better be quick! COME AND JOIN ME ON THE ADVENTURES! (and tag your friends who might want come on an adventure!)

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