Griet Vanhees plaatst borstvoedingsfoto op Instagram


Niet zomaar. Het is immers Internationale Week van de Borstvoeding.

Van 1 tot 7 augustus 2018 is het Internationale Week van de Borstvoeding. Moeders aller lande wijzen dan op het belang van borstvoeding geven, met een tekstje of een foto op social media. Moedermelk is enorm belangrijk voor een pasgeboren baby. Er zitten heel wat afweerstoffen in die de baby beschermen tegen allerlei infecties. Bovendien bevat moedermelk tal van voedingsstoffen die een kindje nodig heeft om goed te kunnen groeien, zoals eiwittten, koolhydraten, vetten, vitaminen en mineralen.

Borstvoeding geven is overigens niet altijd gezond voor de baby, maar tevens voor de moeder. Zo zorgt borstvoeding onder andere voor een vlugger herstel van de baarmoeder en beschermt het tegen postnatale bloedingen. HIER krijg je alle voordelen van borstvoeding op een rijtje te zien.

Ook Griet Vanhees koos ervoor om haar twee zoontjes borstvoeding te geven. Hoewel het niet altijd even makkelijk was, is de 39-jarige vrouw van racepiloot Anthony Kumpen wel enorm blij dat ze doorgezet heeft.

Vanhees heeft overigens ook een eigen lijn in zwangerschapskleding, voor de geïnteresseerden. En tijdens de WK-wedstrijd tegen Panama beleefde ze een geestig momentje met haar jeansbroek. Die scheurde immers kapot op een plaats waar je het liever niet hebben wil.


Hieronder nog enkele moedige moeders die ervoor kozen om borstvoeding te geven en de Internationale Week van de Borstvoeding mee willen steunen:

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately. I’ve been deep in the love bubble introducing this extraordinary little person to planet Earth. And right now, I’m meant to be on maternity leave and very little could draw me out of it except for making this documentary about breastfeeding. When I started breastfeeding myself a couple of months ago, I was shocked at how incredibly difficult I found it. And nobody warned me. As you approach having a baby, most of the focus is on the labour and little is spoken about the days that follow. I’ve found breastfeeding hard, and at times, excruciating, and I soon discovered that I wasn’t the only one. Shockingly, we have some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the whole world. The WHOLE world. So why are our rates so low? And does it even matter?… This documentary answers those questions. And it will hopefully go some way in helping the mammas out there, however you feed your baby. I really hope you like it. Breastfeeding Uncovered is on the box on Monday at 8pm, Channel 4 ❤️xxx (📸 by the brilliant @cliffordaevans) 🤱🏼 #breastfeeding #breastfeedinguncovered #worldbreastfeedingweek #comingsoon #dispatches #channel4 #nursing #newmum

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Demain le 1er août débute La semaine mondiale de l'allaitement maternel qui est une manifestation soutenue par l'@unicef et l'Organisation mondiale de la santé. Son objectif est de sensibiliser le public à la problématique de l'allaitement du nouveau-né et d'encourager les futures mamans à allaiter leur bébé. Cette semaine est célébrée du 1er au 7 août dans plus de 170 pays. . . . . . . . . . . #réalisationdesoi #inspiration #lifeinspiration #spiritualité #spirituality #spiritual #spirituel #quoteoftheday #happiness #lavieestbelle #lavieenrose #life #authenticlife #motivation #positiveattitude #positivevibes #positivity #breast #semainemondialedelallaitement #semainemondialedelallaitementmaternel #worldbreastfeedingweek #worldbreastfeedingday #breastfeeding #baby #unicef #mothernandherbaby #babyandhismother

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👶🏼❤️🍼 #internationalbreastfeedingweek #WBW2017 #beamommy

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In honour of #internationalbreastfeedingweek; in celebration of my first public feed yesterday and in commiseration with @verylacey as @instagram removed her beautiful breastfeeding image this week, I post my own luscious and nurturing boobies online in a (shock, horror!) public space! 💿💿 They feed my child, protect her from illness and provide comfort when she is sad. 👶🏼 They may not be filled with silicone or packaged in a teeny, sexy bikini, but they are beautiful and perfect and fulfill their purpose for existence: to grow healthy little humans! 🙌🏼 I'm not embarrassed to post this and I've decided I'm not spending money on stupidly expensive nursing tops to hide the fact that I'm feeding my child. 🌚🌝 Peeps need to get over it and until images like these are not removed from Instagram and people do not come up to breastfeeding mamas and tell them to cover up, I will continue to do so! So here's to freeing the nipple, normalizing something natural that really shouldn't need to be "normalized" and providing my baby with mama's sweet nectar! 🌸🌱🌖 Ps my mind is swirling with the feminist, elitist and racist issues related to public breastfeeding shaming. Have a think about it. Would anyone dare to tell a black woman to cover up and not feed her baby in public? Are white women's bodies the only bodies allowed to be sexy and therefore not to be associated with feeding their children? It's usually white women hating on other women (both white and black) for feeding in public. I know I'm generalizing. Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree. But anyway, would love to know your thoughts. ✌🏼🌿🌙

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I couldn’t be more prouder of myself for breastfeeding my four gorgeous babies and not giving up when it got hard, especially with my first at such a young age and I’m thankful that my body was able to let me have this beautiful experience with them. I am also so lucky to have a wonderful extended family and amazing Husband who all support me entirely with breastfeeding. 🤱🏼 🌸World Breastfeeding Week 2018 🌸#worldbreastfeedingweek2018 #breastfeedwithoutfear #breastfeed #nursing #breastfeedingmum #milkdrunk #milkbath #exclusivelybreastfeeding #normalisebreastfeeding #breastfeedinpublic #breastfeedingjourney #indigenousmotherbreastfeeding #becauseofherwecan #indigenousmother #motherhood #motherslove #support #challenging #blessed #wbw2018 #celebratebreastfeeding #nofsgiven And almost 11 months breastfeeding this little munchkin Huxley 💙

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